Finish Strong & Fight On! Hey, senior school seniors

Finish Strong & Fight On! Hey, senior school seniors everyone knows that summer time is just about the corner. For Southern California residents, it’s already right here (at least it was for a week). You are quite ready to replenish on suntan cream along with your attention span is getting faster and reduced in course. We understand it can get difficult but hang on a small longer. Do not give in!

Michael Jordan said, ‘It’s not exactly how hard you push along the way, it’s having something in you to definitely finish.’ I know, I want he was discussing an In N Out burger too. Maybe with part of animal fries.

All kidding aside, it is vital to close out your senior 12 months, stay consistent and finish strong. Keep doing what you’ve been doing the very last 4 years and don’t let up. Although you had an impressive scholastic fall semester, remember that colleges will nevertheless desire to see your final school transcript that is high.

Below are a few things to retain in mind as the year is closing:

AP/IB Tests
Refer to my previous weblog on what these nevertheless matter and how they can assist. It’s beneficial to put in the extra effort!

Final Grades
We are asking for your final grades. It’s important to keep your grades up in the final semester and it does impact your offer of admission. You have come too far and worked way too hard to stop caring regarding the grades now.

Final Events
There are exams, proms, yearbook signings as well as other events in order to complete your year out. Find a way to balance your studies as well as your social events. Being accountable for your schedule gives you the best possibility become completely current at them all.

We sincerely desire to congratulate all graduating seniors! Enjoy your time and the right time you have actually with your friends. You are going to be likely to university before you know it!

You Say Goodbye, I State Hello (Hello, Hello)

After a year and a 1 / 2 of (virtually) working I find it bittersweet to say that this is my last blog post with you, our followers. Today is my final time at USC. Sharing my voice through the blog has been this kind of fun experience that is learning. I ended up being in a position to discover a desire for web development and individual design/experience, and I have always been excited to express that i’ll be moving on to carry on employed in that field!
i’m forever grateful for the time i have spent at USC and I also can’t say sufficient about our and professional development while i have been right here. The people who work right listed here are excellent at whatever they do; you are typical in good arms. It really is especially inspiring to exert effort every day alongside colleagues whom truly care about this work. They’re peers, but i will be honored to also phone them friends.
Finally, it wouldn’t be considered a weblog post without my usual list. Listed here are the top 3 things I discovered throughout my two and a years that are half USC.

Never Stop Learning
For every body that are going to begin with university, the following four years will likely be the final time in your lifetime your task is to learn. Learning is exactly everything you will be doing 24/7. Carry this nature of learning you have graduated and approach every day knowing that there is always more to learn with you after.

Complimentary Food Is Awesome
In reality, this is spending plan advice. I have discovered so I always take advantage of free food that I spend the most money on food every month. The mistake was made by me of taking too long to determine exactly how to monitor my money. Like John Maxwell said, ‘Tell your cash where you should get rather of wondering where it went.’

Diversity Rules
I enjoy my workplace for multiple reasons; one of them is due to the different backgrounds of my peers. There’s an operating joke into the office that we sometimes look such as for instance a United Colors of Benetton ad because of just how diverse we are (and now we dress ON POINT). But in all seriousness, being around my colleagues has caused me personally to find out more about other peoples’ experiences and perspectives. Discover to understand the advantages of diversity. You will end up an improved frontrunner, community member, worker, employer, and being that is human.

Well, that’s it for me. To my pupils from Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Davis and the state of Washington, I will miss you dearly during travel period. It is truly been a pleasure serving every body and in the words of Ron Burgundy, ‘Stay classy and thanks for stopping by.’

I now hand you off to your new writer and my colleague, the hostest with all the mostest, Sam Schreiber.

Hey everybody!My title is Sam and i’m so excited to be joining the USC Admission Blog! I’ve been working in work for nearly four years now and have caused Houston, Austin, San Antonio while the coast that is central of since We started. I am from SoCal and attended Calabasas senior high school before going to Nashville, TN for university. At Vanderbilt, I twice majored in Spanish and psychology and then returned to Los Angeles and did a masters in social work here at USC.

I became really tangled up in the admission office at Vandy (that is exactly what the cool kids call it, I promise), and dabbled in graduate school too, so pursuing college admissions as a lifetime career had been always on my brain. As well as having the capability to try out a part in degree by having a great band of colleagues, I adore dealing with prospective and current pupils. My concept is I stopped growing up at around age 16, but it is kids that are also possible times are just super cool.

I am hoping to bring a genuine and authentic perspective to the admission we blog and assist people see your admission counselors are really just you are like you, whoever. I have no doubt that whatever topics I cover there will be individual anecdotes thrown in there (and probably cat pictures) but also wish to provide insight into just what is a very human procedure. Thanks for reading!

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