For each and every girl, the marriage is considered the most gorgeous time inside her life.

For each and every girl, the marriage is considered the most gorgeous time inside her life.

This might be it. My special day, the day i will state « YES »!

But to be truthful, i am not sure if i do want to get hitched after all. Is he the spouse with who i wish to invest the others of my entire life, usually the one? Imagine if not? If we occurred to improve my head, we continue to have time for you to try to escape.

Ladies Drive: ALFA ROMEO STELVIO (IMOFA), hudba Diego Valdivia – « Llanto al piano »

Preparations within the luxury suite at Chateau Mcely start!

My fiance and I also could not have plumped for an even more magical place than the salon resort Chateau Mcely. While you enter the area while the gate is starting, you can get a sense of exceptionality! In the reception, we found my secrets to the luxurious suite that is golden in which a make up musician awaits me personally. Preparations for the ceremony can start.

A couple of hours have passed away, therefore the make up artist is completing my makeup when I sit within the wedding that is fabulous i have lent from designer Sandra Mark. During a minute whenever Veronica switched for the next brush, we looked over my luxurious diamond three-carat engagement band from ALO Diamonds, which every woman could envy. But. I am made by it doubt once more. Do i truly would like to get hitched? Do I Really Like him? We have another guy within my heart whom said he’d wait if I happened to change my mind and wanted to run away with him for me all day at the airport.

Then again Veronica turns straight back asking if all things are fine, and I also smile and response, yes.

A dream turns into a nightmare, and I also’m away from home!

I will be prepared. I am alone when you look at the room and nervously forth walk back and. We continue the terrace, that offers a luxurious view for the garden that is entire. The sunlight’s rays caress me personally, recharging me personally with power and offering me personally power. Although i’m actually delighted only at that minute, we ask myself once more should this be the things I want.

« No,  » we hear the term ringing in my own ears, and before we decide otherwise, we grab the vehicle tips, my eyes scan the band, we start the entranceway of this space and try to escape. Below is my luxury red wedding vehicle Alfa Romeo Stelvio from IMOFA, to that I operate like a madwoman. « If just I experienced sneakers now,  » we say to myself. Julia Roberts caused it to be look easier within the film Runaway Bride!

We operate down the stairs to the motor vehicle, pressing the entranceway to start it, I’m finally inside. I push the beginning / STOP key regarding the luxury leather-based leather controls, find the automatic transmission and suddenly step regarding the fuel pedal in my sandals to obtain away as soon as possible. Before we start the key gate associated with the premises, we set the navigation to Prague Airport where my love is waiting. I am hoping he is nevertheless there.

We set the game mode and revel in my trip

In the real method to the airport, we consider the inside of an extra automobile that is actually perfect. I need to acknowledge that my fiance’s flavor was constantly exceptional! The Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which we borrowed from IMOFA, and we get very well together: both of us are legit passionate and complete of power. Inside my drive I panic for an instant. « Have we made the right decision? Is Petr worth throwing all of it away?  » I start the container utilizing the glittering diamond wedding bands, tune in to my wedding track play loudly, and think, « can i get back to Chateau Mcela to my fiance or go directly to the airport?  » But instantly we close the container and put it away in red leather-based armrest that is red. I walk out associated with automobile, admire its elegant outside and put the wedding decoration out in the type of a bouquet through the bonnet. Abruptly an unbelievable sense of freedom awakens in me personally.

I have back in the vehicle, replace the chair place, which can be very easy to run with electric buttons. Now I am sitting so much more easily. Once I hit the pedal the vehicle instantly accumulates speed – the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a mix of an SUV and a low rider, and so the acceleration to 100 km/h is at five moments, its speed that is top is km/h. Packed with adrenaline, we continue much more enthusiasm to my journey.

I am coming to the airport where my love that is real is in my situation

Finally, i am right right right here, parked in the front of Terminal 2, where he must be looking forward to me personally. Due to the digital cameras we park quite easily. I quickly get free from the automobile, go right to the trunk, which starts and closes by having a push of the switch. I walk towards the airport building with my luxurious red Rimowa travel situation. Finally, we see him considering their watch impatiently and glancing into the other way. Instantly he noticed me personally, we hug and kiss. Now I’m finally pleased. We walk inside hand at your fingertips and tripped toward delight.

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